Getting Familiar With Me

Not as dirty as it sounds, this is a blog dedicated to helping me get as comfortable with my own appearance, my own skin, as I am with everyone elses.

My sister braided my hair all-over, and I feel a little bit lightheaded actually
Quite literally

Dunno if it’s pretty but it’s definitely cool

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Yesterday’s pictures. Ran through the┬ásprinklers with my friend Miya; every day is interesting, right?

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Goodnight, going up top to sleep tonight. My sister spilled milk on my bed. Faaantastic.

Gives me an excuse to sleep on the roof, though xD

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Get your daily dose of brace-face -.-

Man in that last picture I look so much like my mom…

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Really not feeling very picture-worthy today, but I did it any way. Look at me go.
-unenthusiastic fist pump- wooo

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I actually took these for Jessica, since she “loves my torso”, but I decided, hey, why not?

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Pictures of our tie-dye exploits with me and my lovely sister Danielle. And she’s wearing MY hat »

Freakin love tie-dye dude

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My reason.

My reason.

Finally getting pics from yesterday up

Totally missed all of yesterday; I was tie-dyeing all day. Gonna see the fruits of our labor today…as well as a tie-dye fight!

Hey, what else are we supposed to do with our extra dye?

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Walking home from the river, guest starring Tanya (random crazy friend) and her pikachu hat that I temporarily stole forever. Oh wait…borrowed.

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